Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Americans fond of small? Since when?

I have visited USA Orlando RFIDjournal live and found a US-based NFC tag supplier providing very tiny NFC Tags, the smallest one is just 4mm in diameter. It is called Infochip. Their product can apply on metals directly, primarily on industrial lifting tools, such as hooks, hoist rings, clamps, etc. The tag encapsulation is designed to withstand impacts, pressure, chemical and corrosion exposure. With the amazing 4mm diameter and unbreakably robust feature, it sounds very interesting so far.

However, the 4mm diameter NFC tag is so small that its RF signal almost impossible for typical NFC smartphone to pick up. That's why here come with another clever device called SNIPER. The Sniper is placed on the antenna of the NFC smartphone. And when the SNIPER pointer hit the tiny little NFC tag, the RF signal power is focused and redirected to the NFC smartphone….

It is a good application because all serious lifting cables and tools require periodically checking and maintenance. It is hard to do without any identification methods. Great potential and good choice of technology. The tiny NFC tag can be installed inside a hole.

The Sniper is a clever design too…but how to mount the Sniper security on each NFC phone (so many size and brands not to mention the sneaky antenna position, becomes a real headache. I suggest they can seek for collaboration with this company, to develop a new SNIPER on 3.5mm mic. Because that's the only universal standard feature in mobile world.

Using a NFC mobile phone and a piece of sniper to really tiny NFC tags….it might not fit the greesy and muddy industrial or constructional sites, but it is surely useful for cable and lifting maintenance service providers in labs or offices.

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