Thursday, May 30, 2013

NFC Figures for the New Pokemon Game

Nintendo released the Wii U game Pokemon Scramble U together with a set of cute NFC Pokemon figures. Every one of them can be loaded into the game with a special ability and an initial strength value. There are now 16 types of them and even for figures of the same type, their special ability and strength value can be different.

The NFC Pokemon figures are designed to be loaded throughout our gaming experience. Everytime when we finish our game, we earn coins and can use those coins in helping our Pokemon to learn new Pokemon-specific special abilities and increase their strength value. Then the growth of our Pokemon can be recorded back to the NFC Pokemon figure again. More than that, we can choose a title for our NFC Pokemon figure. For example, if we give a title "Fast" for our Pokemon, it will move faster during the game. In this way, every one of us can have our unique Pokemon!

Other than the NFC Pokemon figures, we can also try to use contactless smartcard to load other Pokemon as temporary helping hand in the game.

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