Thursday, May 09, 2013

Using NFC as a tool in studying

As an Industrial Engineering student, I have to study quite a lot of statistics and often refer to various statistics tables while doing statistics questions. I don't like printing the tables out because I tends to lose them.

To read the tables quickly and conveniently, I loaded the link of my course website to a NFC sticker stuck on my ruler. As the writing only involves a simple web link, I used the NXP TagWriter to write the tag. When I use my web browser to access my website, I shared the website through TagWriter, then chose to write the website link to the tag. I found TagWriter quite nice. It is userfriendly and shows you the types of tag you can use to write your information but it would be even better if it can provide more functions.

Now, whenever I need the tables, I put my Nexus 7 onto the sticker to access my website, and choose the table I need for my question.

Writing tag through the sharing function is quite convenient as I don't have to open the nfc app for writing the tag every time - I just have to access the thing I want to write and press "share". This can be a new concept of sharing. We are all used to sharing through facebook or whatsapp... but I believe sharing through NFC tags can be fun in a different way.

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