Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The FLASHING LED deco nail

Typical deco nails can no longer satisfy ladies on pursuing beauty on their fingernail. And now even mobile technologies can also play a part in improving the shininess of the deco nails. This is one of the latest applications of NFC technology which we can be defined as a perfect combination of beauty and technology.

Today, we are going to share about a latest décor on your fingernails, using NFC to trigger extra-shiny effect. Please study this carefully before you’re lost in front of your girlfriend/wife who is showing off her LED blinking fingernail.

This is the little chip that provides flashing LED on deco nail, the deco nail that will light up when your fingers place near NFC working devices (or any 13.56MHz RF field). Basically, it is just a simple tuned antenna coil with a LED.

 Size of the chip

A 0.5mm thick NFC tag embedded, enables your nail flashing when you using your phone, making your payment at POS terminal or entering office/home with your contactless card.


The LED light can actually keep lightin up, if other NFC chips that with IC are



***To handle the endless question asked by your dearest girlfriend about the chip***
***EVERY gentleman is highly recommended to read the following***

As you may wonder,
Will it be dangerous to put a NFC & LED chip inside your deco nail?
I can say that it is nearly impossible to trigger any accident as there is no battery inside. And I don’t think the chip embedded in deco nail poses more threats than the colouring pigment on top in daily life.
Will the nail be hot if it keeps flashing?
It is claimed that “As no energy is required or generated, your nail will keep blinking without emitting any heat.
Will the NFC function drains my phone’s battery?
Switching on the NFC function for a whole day will only cost <5% of your phone’s battery.
Will the NFC embedded in the nail affect other devices that using NFC (e.g. octopus, access card, payment card……)?
As the NFC embedded in the deco nail doesn’t contain any IC chip. That’s mean your flashing nail will not affect the function of other NFC devices.

Things you should know
1.         NFC only works when your mobile phone is unlocked.

2.         Passive-type NFC only works on android smartphone, so if you are iPhone (any, include 6/6+) user, you can ignore this by now or you can send your complaint to Apple on why they locked up the NFC.

3.         LED deco nail also works on any proximity card reader that uses 13.56MHz.
4.         If you are using your phone, texting or playing games…. You cannot see your flashing nails since your fingers are the back of the phone.

5.         To get the best and brightest flashes, your fingers should put closely to where the NFC smartphone antenna is located (different from model to model)

6.         The only function of this LED chip is flashing only. No other use (interacting with NFC apps/storing data…..) is available.

Other use
If you are a non-deco nail user, you can stick this LED chip to anywhere you want (access card, payment card……), it will light up when it is near any NFC reader.
Normally, it can work on Octopus, contactless access card of your home, office….. I can sure that the LED chip will not affect the function of your card.
In our test, our octopus card can be read by the tablet successfully with the LED light blinking.
BUT sometimes there may be special cases that the chip doesn’t work well. It depends on different versions of octopus card (different versions of octopus have different structure) and different types of reader that your card and LED chip reacted with.
Just like that, it will flash when your Octopus is placed near NFC reader   

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