Thursday, May 02, 2013

A simple and innovative NFC app, Tapogram

Tapogram is a newly released NFC app, which provides an old application yet still creative use of NFC.

Just like a voice recording machine, an important sound clip can be "recorded" (in fact it is just a link), onto a NFC tag. If the sound clip meant to be shared, anyone with a NFC-enabled smartphone can play that 10-sec sound clip.

I think 10sec is too short for me to record a 3-4mins theme song for my Evanglion Figure on my desk. And I want to upload my own picture as well, the sound quality is also not that good…etc. This app seems still have many rooms for improvement but it is still fun to try out.

The youtube below provides more possible way to use it, such as…when it is hard to say Sorry….you can stick a sound clip on a gift and send it to the one you want to apologies; record memorial sound and stick it on pictures.

Google Play Link: Tapogram

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