Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simple App for You to Manage Your NFC Tags - NFC Doctor

There are now many NFC apps on the Play Store, and NFC Doctor is one of the simplest ones to use.

The functions of the NFC Doctor are made clear on its first page – reading, writing and cleaning NFC tags. When you read a NFC tag with the app, you can see the data, type and state of the tag. I tried to use the app to read my tag and saw its data on 'tag data in hex' page and understood that its a rewritable 168bytes Mifare Ultralight C tag from the 'access condition' and 'tag information' page. Such information should be useful for the advanced users.

We can also use the app for writing URL, plain text or application launcher into my NFC tags. It let me to write tag from records in the history so its quite convenient for me to write the same content into many tags.

It has 2 options for us to clear data from our tags. Just randomly choose one of them when you need to clear data. When it has finished clear your tag, it will display a detailed clearing result.

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