Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Innovative-marketing Series 1 : Fast food delivery

Here I would like to do some BBOOOM!.....a Brainstorming on NFC applications, inspired by some NFC news worldwide.

Reference Link:
Domino's readies nationwide NFC summer campaign

Domino's App: Google Play

Why not make a NFC sticker on a pizza cutter, or fork or spoon for Fastest pizza order using smartphone?

Customers can tap on the NFC tag to quick dial pizza order hotline without any APP. OR...customer can tap on the tag and link to a mobile-website to place order. OR...customer tap on the tag and get launch the app to do the ordering with GPS-location or address information. Customer can also accumulate points and redeem rewards

NFC-enabled Promotion Items help customer
- quick dial
- quickly place order
- no need to spell out tedious ADDRESS
- earn loyalty scheme and redeem prizes

Of course, we can still include QR codes on any printed materials to fit with i-device users.

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