Sunday, August 04, 2013

How pottery studio can makes use of NFC/QR in their masterpiece gallery?

You may find out the writer of this blog like ceramic and pottery so much. Yes, we even tried to chip the ceramic plate before the heating process, of course we failed.

Here, this is a much more simple NFC/QR code application, actually, it is similar with the museum guided tour, or Audio guide.

I went to the pottery lesson sometimes ago and I remember that the Pottery Master Alan Lai has so many great pieces that worth to tell. And that's how I helped Alan to create the ARTHOME Smartposter that linked to facebook, and some name plates for these masterpieces.

We don't get into too commercial, after all, it is a art gallery. So, I didn't use the analytic function to track the number of taps, and track the trends for each week, each months, even we can do so.

I introduced it to a number of visitors, and they really love it.

Special thanks to the great help of Kitty.

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