Monday, April 22, 2013

Display Pottery Art Information with NFC

A friend of mine he owns a workshop to teach pottery classes. He has a big display room to show his over-1000pcs artwork (with a price tag). He noted that the visitor are willing to pay if they know more about the concept and story behind the piece of art. He asked me if there is any better way to display them without consuming the space to display other artworks.

So, NFC tagging seems to be a possible solution. At first, I am thinking the possibility of embedding the tag inside the ceramic…gave up when I heard that the ovens temperature is 1200C.

I thought it would be an easy task to use a NFC sticker and attach at the back of the dish. But it might not be easy for people to notice the existence of NFC tag at the front. I tried both sides….but it seems a bit odd to scan it by customer.

So I suggest to prepare a little stand for the it and stick the NFC tag on the Nameplate and link the NFC with this page. I used an app call Tagstand, which is quite cool to do anything you can do with NFC.

Each product is a unique piece of art. Its quite hard for the creator to re-cap all the information and stories. It is possible to make a blog page for each piece the time oven opened up and the creator feel satisfied his work.

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