Monday, April 22, 2013

The NFC on my favorite One-piece Figure

Today, I am trying to use a 9mm diameter NFC Tag on my favorite one-piece figure....see below video and it is much easier to understand.

This 9mm diameter NFC is the smallest I have. It looks better than any 25mm diameter label, black in colour is also a plus. The only bad thing is the closer read range so you may find it a bit harder to scan it.

I have this figure sitting on my work desk. I can go to the one-piece website during my work if I like but its kind of cool if  I can just tap on the figure and use my phone to browse.

I personally hate any kind of bookmark...because I will never organize them and end up a mess.

It is my first time to do such an video, using Stupeflix to finish this video. Its quite easy to compose a video by putting pictures together.

Tag: HKRHT-J04 from HK-RFID
NFC App: NFC Quick Action

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