Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NFC in Libraries

I have heard of using NFC in libaries before but I didn't really know how we can actually use it. Then on Monday, Fujitsu announced the Japan first NFC library system and it is used in a public libary in Hanno-shi, somewhere near Tokyo.

As shown in the video, they have a NFC tag for book categories and some of the authors. When visitors tap the NFC tag, they can see information of the books for both books on the shelf and books being borrowed. If the book they are interested is not on the shelf, they can reserve the book right away.

The tags are also linked to an online platform for people to search information from databases and Wikipedia. They claimed that this can help people to find the information they need for solving their problems but I am not sure if this is really useful when the monitor size is limited... I prefer to use PC for such searching.

If you are really interested about the system, you can see more about it here.

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