Thursday, May 02, 2013

NFC is for ads or aids during shopping?

It is really puzzling me that why those MBAs in RFID industries so lack of imagination, especially NFC label maker, they keep associating NFC with payment or advertising like getting best deal during shopping.

Smartphone buyers wouldn't bother to know whether we can shop or get discount using NFC when they are making buying decision. Even they purchased NFC-enabled smartphone, they will never touch the NFC setting which is by default-off.

These smart brains are completely out-of-words when they were asked what else NFC can be used. Even there are few, some of these applications appears a bit ridiculous to me; paring up a wristband and a pair of trainers? So that your android smartphone can record your fat-burning jogging process and heartbeats?

I seriously think NFC can be of better use, except pairing up with my rarely-used wireless speakers.For example, with a slightly modified e-ink display, we can use the NFC to "transfer" text from small phone screen on to the larger flexible display.

Even the simplest application such as Bookmarking, it is very useful and for sure will be evolved into other specific applications and business in soon future, such as NFC access analytics, or stock trading bookmark.

The ideas are there in user's mind. The biggest problem here now is we don't have enough NFC labels to play with and dispose them. So, if I were NXP and their NFC tag maker, I will provide tons of free label or sticker sample to NFC smartphone buyers. Many innovative and interesting applications will come out naturally. 

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